Americans printed AC Cobra sports car on a 3D printer

September 12, 2015 at 16:43

At first glance it’s just a replica of the legendary AC Cobra. But in fact it is much more than just a car.
The main elements of the vehicle are printed on 3D-printer of plastic, carbon fiber reinforced. The material is strong enough to be printed from a body, chassis frame and grille. And it’s not just a mock-up or a beautiful concept. This is a fully functional car.

AC Cobra picture

AC Cobra pics

But do not think that the machine printed all at once. Moreover, the details are not just printed and stacked together like bricks designer. They are still treated and adjusted. The process of printing was fast enough. Print of the car took 24 hours and 8 on the printing equipment. Although not all parts of the vehicle are “printed”. In particular, the power plant with an electric motor 100 Watt engine carried traditional way.

AC Cobra pics

AC Cobra image

The car is made of plastic and carbon fiber was very easy. It weighs only 635 kilograms. So even 136 horsepower of electric engine are enough to accelerate to 100 km / h in 5 seconds. It is only 1.3 seconds longer than the original 6.2-liter 442-horsepower V8.

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