Yamaha created Sports Ride Concept – a prototype of an ultra-light sports car

July 19, 2016 at 23:50

Yamaha has unveiled a prototype of an ultra-light sports coupe called Sports Ride Concept. The concept car made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Overall length of the new items was 3,900 millimeters, width – 1720 mm, and height – 1170 millimeters. Weight coupe is 750 kilograms.

Yamaha Sports Ride picture

Yamaha Sports Ride pics

It took five months for the construction of the prototype. It is designed for iStream technology patented by the famous British engineer Gordon Murray. This technology has been used when creating the first four-wheeled concept Yamaha – Motiv. In particular, this scheme allows you to change the size of the platform without complex and expensive replacement of equipment, and to carry out a restyling by installing new body panels.
Compact car Motiv, shown in Tokyo two years ago, got a body made of fiberglass, but the body panels Sports Ride Concept made of carbon fiber.

Yamaha Sports Ride pics

Yamaha Sports Ride image

Official information about the powerplant compartment yet. Presumably, the prototype is equipped with a modernized three-cylinder engine in volume of one liter, which was completed Motiv. The CD-rack of the unit gave 70-80 hp, but its impact on the coupe could be increased to 100 forces.