Volvo You Concept Car Model

December 13, 2012 at 09:47

As a part of the largest Frankfurt Motor Show, Volvo introduced the innovative cocnept car of theirs – the new You Concept, which features a stylish and modern Scandinavian design, environmentally friendly powertrain and comfortable interior with unique technical solutions and four comfortable seats. Large and luxurious, coupe-like profile with the Fastback Coupe shows the design direction of future cars of Volvo automaker.

Volvo You Concept

Volvo You Concept Photo

Center of navigation of this new innovative Volvo You Concept consists of four main areas – the projector information on the windshield, digital display devices and two touch screens – at the top of the center console between the two seats and rear seats. Multifunction steering wheel of Volvo You Concept is decorated with wood and leather, also features a touchscreen in a clear side spokes, with easy access to the driver’s fingertips.

Volvo You Concept

Volvo You Concept Pic

According to information from special sensors, on-screen center console Volvo You Concept displays the relevant information only when the driver is watching and the controls that pop up only in special moments, showing special features only to the driver; while passengers during the driving allow access to Web browsing.

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