Volvo presents Concept 26

August 2, 2016 at 12:54

The Volvo has presented a new concept organization of driving position Concept 26. The number 26 in the name of the concept refers to the average number of minutes that people spend on the trip to and from work. During this time, the driver would have to do more useful things than to drive a car in a monotone with constant flow stops in traffic and minimum speed.

Volvo Concept 26 picture

Volvo Concept 26 pics

26 Concept is based on a new patented structure of the seat – this seat provides the driver with all the comforts and the possibility to use one of three modes: Drive, Create or Relax. With three options for setting this concept creates an innovative platform for complex autonomous control systems. In the future, this platform can be adapted to new requirements and technologies.

Volvo Concept 26 pics

Volvo Concept 26 image

When the driver wants to transfer the management to the car, the steering wheel is removed from it, rest is lowered, and the control panel put forward a large display. All these features allow the driver more usefully spend time on the road. Concept 26 transforms the basic structure of the passenger compartment, providing space that driver and passenger can use according to your preferences.

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