The world’s first LED-car instrument panel with a full voice control in Opel Monza

June 2, 2015 at 15:09

In the near future, the assurance of designers Vauxhall, car dashboard will be able to fully communicate with the driver through voice commands and messages. With the new dashboard driver will be a full-fledged navigator, who, literally, listening to every word.

Opel Monza picture

Opel Monza pics

Familiar to all “dashboard” is transformed by the designers and engineers in full-fledged multimedia center with voice control, which not only gives the driver information on the condition of the car, but also will make the trip as comfortable telling a lot of useful information. But for conservatives, who prefer tactile contact with instruments, there provided usual push-button control on the steering wheel.

Opel Monza pics

Opel Monza image

The first vehicles equipped with LED-instrument panel with voice control became a four-car concept Opel Monza Coupe.

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