The Iveco Company has built a delivery van of the future called Vision

August 6, 2015 at 15:17

Iveco presented at Hannover the Motor Show conceptual delivery van Vision. It gives an idea of how the manufacturer sees the commercial vehicles of the future. Novelty has a hybrid propulsion system and an innovative loading system.

Iveco Vision pics

Iveco Vision image

By means of special sensors, electronics determines the size and type of load, it calculates the optimal placement in the cabin and automatically sets the required position “restraints”, securing luggage. According to the manufacturer, this feature helps prevent damage to the small and fragile items heavier and larger loads while driving.
Iveco Vision received the LED headlamps, plastic lining the lower part of the body, “transparent” front rack and sliding passenger door with a retractable footrest.

Iveco Vision picture

Iveco Vision pcis

The cabin has a fully digital instrument panel, steering wheel, made in the style of aviation helm, the display at the top of the windshield, which displays a picture with a rearview camera, and a tablet that displays the electronic systems of the van.

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