The concept of a compact crossover Lexus LX-HX

February 17, 2015 at 19:45

Auto giant Lexus, in the pursuit of competitors from Mercedes, BMW and Audi, presented a concept crossover premium Lexus LX-NX. The car stands out above the aggressive body design with the company’s grille. Spoiler at the bottom of the front bumper emphasizes low center of gravity model, which gives the turbo version more sporty look.
Rapid profile, compact, clean-cut body and impressive size wheels reflect the power of an SUV and an impressive dynamic qualities LF-NX.

Lexus LX-HX picture

Lexus LX-HX pics

Inside, released a new touch control interface car multimedia system, which, along with modern design provides ease of use – a quality inherent in all vehicles Lexus. The dashboard of the new Lexus is divided into two management zones, equipped with numerous sensors and touch switches.
Premiere of the new Lexus LX-NX held at a recent exhibition in Frankfurt. According to representatives of the auto giant, the new car “should fully demonstrate the full potential of the compact crossover in the style of Lexus».

Lexus LX-HX image

Lexus LX-HX pics

Causes aggression dominant alpha male, perhaps is what the style of this concept car can be characterized. Deliberately underlined the sharp edges of the body, coupled with a pronounced tilt back door car add even more visual power and swiftness.
Staying true to the philosophy of maximum comfort for the driver, Lexus design equipped with two-band car dashboard with the possibility of touch control individual functions of the concept car.

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