Supercar Concept Lamborghini Querderro

January 21, 2015 at 01:35

It is no secret that the design of Lamborghini models is becoming more and more aggressive, and attracts a younger generation. According to the Slovak designer Jan Bujnak, appearance Lamborghini Querderro should be to the taste of old school fans of supercars like Countach and Diablo.
The basic idea behind the creation of the concept of the author, was to show such an heir Gallardo, who once could be put into production. Body concept, is an extremely easy and at the same time sufficiently rigid carbon fiber monocoque, aerodynamic design of which is “crystal” and sharp-angled lines.
The front panel is made supercar in the same aggressive style and got a large grille with two air intakes for better cooling of the front brakes, which, in addition, emphasize the width of the model. Rear brake cooling air directed side air intakes, while distributing it in the engine compartment.

Concept Lamborghini Querderro pics

Concept Lamborghini Querderro image

Large dual exhaust pipes, arranged one above the other and necessary for exhaust emissions from the powerful V10, found their place not as usual – at the bottom of the supercar, closer to the diffuser, where the stop signal, and at the outer edges of the rear of the chassis.

Concept Lamborghini Querderro pics

Concept Lamborghini Querderro picture

At the top of the back of the concept is located a retractable spoiler, automatically projecting at high speeds for providing better grip to the hearse, and narrow strips of LED rear lights.
It is highly unlikely that the car will ever be built, the more gets to the pipeline, but it is possible that one day some enthusiast can be assembled replica Lamborghini Querderro.

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