Scorpio electric motorcycle concept

September 24, 2015 at 13:21

In the already distant future we will need alternative modes of transport, so designers are constantly coming up with different concepts. Scorpio it is a concept electric vehicle that stands out easily, effectively. According to calculations by the developer, the concept is able to travel 120 kilometers in just 1 euro.

Djordje Kovacevic Scorpio picture

Djordje Kovacevic Scorpio pics

The concept is developed by designer Djordje Kovacevic.

Djordje Kovacevic Scorpio pics

Djordje Kovacevic Scorpio image

Features of the new concept:

– The inspiration for the design: scorpion
– The battery is installed behind the saddle
– The use of inexpensive materials to make the concept accessible to a wide range of consumers
– Adaptable seat, adjustable seat, pedals and steering
– Main characteristics: good dynamics, light weight, high efficiency, simplicity
– The estimated mass of about 300 kg

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