Renault introduced the concept of a pickup Alaskan

June 11, 2016 at 14:06

The following year, the Renault lineup of will be replenished by a full pickup truck, a concept version of which was presented by the French under the name of Alaskan.
Renault Alaskan differs by double cabin, designed for five people, clearance of almost 30 cm, full LED head optics and taillights. Built on the chassis of the car Nissan Navara new generation, and under its hood mounted 2.0-liter diesel twin-turbo engine – the same as the Renault Master van has. Detailed features of the power unit does not result in French, but Master, we know that he gives up to 160 hp.

Renault Alaskan picture

Renault Alaskan pics

Another interesting feature of Alaskan is the ability to install on the roof solar panel, which powers the air conditioning system (even with the engine off) and, of course, the load platform.

Renault Alaskan pics

Renault Alaskan image

The French say that it is easy to fit several bicycles, surfboards and camping equipment. Maximum load of Renault Alaskan is 1,000 kg.
The first markets for Renault Alaskan become Brazil, Spain and Argentina.

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