Provocative Concept from Kia

March 9, 2013 at 11:14

The company Kia revealed a concept car, which was formerly known as the “provocative” project of the Koreans. Let’s get a mroe detailed look at this car.

2013 Kia Concept

2013 Kia Concept Photo

The company Kia has revealed to the public their new project of the concept car, which was formerly known as the “provocative” one. What does provocative stand for is not that clear. Four-wheel drive two-door hatchback is built on a shortened platform used on the model Rio. Overall length of the prototype is 3.88 m, width – 1,77 m, height – 1.35 meters, and the wheelbase is 2.53 meters.

2013 Kia Concept

2013 Kia Concept Pic

Novelty is equipped with a hybrid power plant, which consists of a 1.6-liter turbo engine capacity of 204 horsepower and 45-horsepower electric motor. The last one can transmit additional force to the rear wheels under hard acceleration or used at low speed to move the electric in heavy traffic. Transmission is the preselective DCT seven-speed dual-clutch. Appearance of the prototype was developed in the Frankfurt studio Kia, led by Gregory Guillaume. According to him, the design of the model «fully complies with European tastes and needs.”

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