Provo Concept of Kia Goes into Series

March 13, 2013 at 12:04

Hybrid concept Kia Provo, introduced in the Geneva Motor Show, has generated mixed reactions. Korean company managed to provoke the audience with a striking design and bold engineering solution, and cause a lot of negative feedback from the UK Parliament, who were dissatisfied with the name «Provo». Gregory Campbell, a member of the British Parliament from Londonderry, gave in the House of Commons a statement, according to which a car with such a name should not be sold in England and Northern Ireland.

2013 Kia Provo

2013 Kia Provo Image

The deal is that in Northern Ireland during the period 1969-1997 years. there were some armed wing of the Irish Republican Army which commited acts of terror in England and Northern Ireland as well as in continental Europe and the members of the army were called «Provos». However, Michael Cho, Director of Kia public relations, said that the name and appearance of the car does not have any relation to the conflict in Northern Ireland. The name was derived from the verb to provoke («provoke”), and the orange color of the “sports cars from 70-es.”

2013 Kia Provo Model

2013 Kia Provo Model Photo

There is another version of the origin – Steve Kitson, PR manager of the British division, says that the name comes from the Italian word prova – “test”. According to him, the company Kia Motors Europe, which developed this concept, did not intend to offend England. “It’s just a concept car, which by that name will not go into production,” – said Kitson.

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