Nissan showed the design of future compact model Sway

September 4, 2015 at 17:08

Nissan is in the framework of the Geneva Motor Show concept car unveiled Sway, showing to what style will be fulfilled future compact models of the brand. Media called this prototype hatchback Micra harbinger of the next generation.
Before, the only information about a car was reported only that it “will continue the tradition of the commercial success of Qashqai models and Juke”. Now, after the official premiere, Nissan has published the first complete images, but details about the car is still not enough.

Nissan Sway picture

Nissan Sway pics

The company only gave details about the design of the car and called the overall dimensions: length – 4010 mm, width – 17890 mm, height – 1385 millimeters. The size of the wheelbase is 2570 millimeters. Prototype longer “micro” the current generation of 230 millimeters, and the wheelbase has increased by 135 millimeters. The vehicle was widened by 115 millimeters and 140 millimeters below.

Nissan Sway pics

Nissan Sway image

As for the design, it is made in the style of the previous concept cars – Lanina and IDx. As explained by the company, it is borrowed from the first lines of the body, and the second – the front panel, called the “swept wing”.

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