Mitsubishi Electric Concept CA-MiEV

March 19, 2013 at 11:32

At the Geneva Motor Show recently took place the presentation of the concept car with an electric motor CA-MiEV, that was developed by Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) for the residents of the suburb areas.

Mitsubishi CA-MiEV

Mitsubishi CA-MiEV Photo

Study of the topic of electric car Mitsubishi Corporation started in late 1966. Today, in times of increased attention to the problem of global warming, the direction of electric motors is a major in the company. After taking the first steps in the research and development of electric motors in 1966, the Corporation Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) has always believed that electric vehicles will become a long-term major product, which has acquired even greater urgency in light of recent concerns about global warming.

Mitsubishi CA-MiEV

Mitsubishi CA-MiEV Pic

Since the release of the first production of electric vehicle i-MiEV to the market in 2009 and goal is to transfer 20% of the vehicles to electricity by 2020, MMC is much advanced in this direction by introducing all-new rechargeable hybrid Outlander PHEV with its innovative architecture «Dual Design». The quest for new frontiers demonstrated premier two concept cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2013, which, along with new hybrid Outlander PHEV crowd acquainted with the concept of the electric vehicle CA-MiEV.

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