Mercedes Tron Concept Car

December 1, 2012 at 09:50

Companies with a turnover of billions, hundreds of billions of dollars at risk to many, and because they can not afford too much, and there sometimes do not have enough courage to devote huge amount of time and investment in new projects. But the single concept designers do not risk almost anything, but their own reputation. Which, incidentally, is not in danger in case of the new Mercedes sports car concept that was finished in the style of the film Tron.

Mercedes Tron Concept

Mercedes Tron Concept Pic

On the technical characteristics of the vehicle that was presented by the conceptual designer by Peter Vardai one would not prefer even to think, we do not know anything about the engine, or the maximum speed of the car, or even on what type of gasoline the car rides or its fuel consumption. But well, we can see clearly how this ingenious design of the great super-sports car. Even though we do not know the details, we for sure expect this beasty to be a real competitor to Jaguar and Aston Martin. It is made in a dark black color and with special neon lighting, therefore you can name this concept both modern and futuristic.

Mercedes Tron Concept

Mercedes Tron Concept Image

On the inside the car got luxury saloon with leather seats, in addition, if it would go into a serial production we would expect that it would be one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on te market not just in terms of the engine and the staffing, but also in terms of the interior applications.

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