Kawasaki Concept SC 01 Spirit Charger

July 22, 2016 at 00:07

In light of the success of models Ninja H2 / H2R Kawasaki company continues to develop its range of motorcycles charged. At the Tokyo Motor Show the Japanese manufacturer has discussed the development of its supercharger technology and presented a sketch of the motorcycle, which is called «Concept SC 01» or «Spirit Charger».

Kawasaki SC 01 Spirit Charger picture

Kawasaki SC 01 Spirit Charger pics

The difference and similarities Spirit Charger with H2 / H2R are quite obvious. As in H2R, red to SC blower 01 is installed behind the engine in a location where there are a fuel tank and saddle. The air is directed to the inlet of the blower through a straw. While air at H2 / H2R supplied to the bow, on the concept of an air intake 01 made SC side. If we talk about the overall design, the new product has a more vintage and seductive design, when compared with the angular, futuristic lines H2 / H2R.

Kawasaki SC 01 Spirit Charger pics

Kawasaki SC 01 Spirit Charger image

Everything else, Kawasaki’s company is developing its own technology blower, that is, the concept of SC 01 is equipped with its own power unit under the name «Balanced Supercharged Engine». The new supercharger uses electronic control, which allows you to quickly change the volume of air passing through the blower.

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