Honda Six50 scrambler Concept

July 30, 2016 at 10:23

Honda Six50 concept is an addition to Honda CB4 project in the study of alternative solutions to development Honda CBR650F. In this case, the Japanese designers have tried to make a modern scrambler.

Honda Six50 scrambler pics

Honda Six50 scrambler image

Glancing in the direction of its competitors, the Japanese manufacturer understands that “hipster” motorcycles are gaining popularity. We mean scramblers and trackers. And we must pay tribute, as concepts Honda CB4 and Honda Six50 look very promising. They have their own unique “highlight”, individuality and style.

Honda Six50 scrambler picture

Honda Six50 scrambler pics

Concept Honda Six50 allocated interesting “pixel” colors and modern bodywork, although a design hides all the same “dead” CBR650F, which can get a second life. Unfortunately, we are still talking about the concepts, so to actual production models still far, but we will closely monitor the project – may have something interesting.

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