Green Car Mercedes-Benz BIOME concept

May 21, 2015 at 16:37

The car is often referred to as the cause of all urban eco problems. But by the concept car Mercedes-Benz BIOME is not the slightest relationship, because the machine literally «grows” from seed organic fiber and uses environmentally-friendly biofuels.

Mercedes-Benz BIOME picture

Mercedes-Benz BIOME pics

Mercedes designers set out to create a concept car, which is in complete harmony with nature. Unlike conventional car, BIOME begins its path in the laboratory, rather than on the conveyor. The life of the machine starts with a few magic seeds fiber BioFibre – it is easier to plastic and stronger than steel.

 Mercedes-Benz BIOME pics

Mercedes-Benz BIOME image

According to engineers, the seed with special DNA is in every Mercedes three-pointed “star”. There are six: one in front, behind and on each wheel. The car is literally “grown” from these seeds.

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