Geneva Motor Show Concept Chery TX Won Best Design Award

March 15, 2013 at 11:54

At the Geneva Motor Show concept Chery TX won the “Best Concept Car of the Year”, thereby gaining international recognition from a reputable and professional magistrates, gaining 35% of votes. Their design and stunning styling put the Chinese concept ahead of its big-name European and Japanese competitors and therefore surprised many of the European media.

Concept Chery TX

Concept Chery TX Photo

It is the first Chinese car brand that reached a smashing success. As a recognized European design industry, known for the high requirements and standards, the head of design direction Chery – James Hope, made significant progress in the rapid growth and development of new cars of Chery.

Concept Chery TX

Concept Chery TX Pic

According to the creator, Chery TX is designed to set a new corporate identity of the brand, which can be compared with flowing streams of water element. Each line of the exterior of the concept implemented in the sensible, streamlined rhythm of water, representing the harmony of man and nature. These motifs have to inherit the other future models of Chery. In an interview James Hope once said: “I am confident in our team – we’re working hard to raise the brand design to a whole new level. Sources of inspiration to my work are the dynamics of the company and the potential production. ”

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