Four-wheel motorbike concept Big Q at EICMA salon

July 28, 2016 at 10:08

At motor salon EICMA in Milan was presented the concept of four-wheel motorbike (yes, you heard right) called Big Q.
The device was presented by the company Quadro Vehicles.
The machine is characterized by a special system of HTS Hydraulic Tilting System, which is designed to ensure that when tilted to one side when you turn the car remain stable.

Big Q picture

Big Q pics

Motor here – the single-cylinder 630-cc. The concept was developed on the basis of a 4-wheel scooter Quadro4.

Big Q pics

Big Q image

There is a self-locking differential, reverse and road type tires. What company is the creator sees the future of his brainchild – Serial, small-scale production or custom-made items – is not yet clear.
EICMA exhibition takes place this year in Milan in 73 minutes time. There are fifteen hundred participants from 44 countries.

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