Finns have developed 1MW electric coupe with capacity of 1341 hp

August 23, 2015 at 15:47

Toroidion Company will present Finnish supercar at the exhibition Top Marque, which will take place in Monaco. It is not just a supercar it is also electric car. And it is not just electric but incredibly powerful.

1MW pics

1MW image

Electrical coupe called 1MW, which means “one megawatt”, gives 1341 hp. While this is only a concept but the company Toroidion has serious plans. Finns promise that before the mass production business still comes and supercars will be hand-assembled.

1MW picture

1MW pics

Incidentally, a few years ago, the Croatian company Rimac announced its intention to launch a series of sporty electric car equipped with four motors total capacity of 1088 hp. It was argued that such a machine will be able to recruit first of “hundreds” of 2.8 seconds and a single battery charge is enough for her to overcome 600 km. It was planned to collect 88 of these machines a year, but funds for the start of production then were not found. Now, like, Croats got the necessary budget and are ready to implement the project. Presumably, the electric supercar Rimac will be worth 750 thousand euros.

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