Elegant concept car BMW i-FD

January 19, 2015 at 20:48

Unfortunately, as we see, few futuristic concepts will be not implemented – at least for the foreseeable future. BMW i-FD has no different supernatural technology, but has a fresh and elegant design and probably will take place in the line of cars of the Bavarian company. But when?
BMW i-FD was created by an independent industrial designer Feliciano Spanish-Diaz of Valencia, Spain.
The designer Feliciano Ruy-Díaz made this concept in the best traditions of the car BMW: aggressive lines and elegant contours and recognizable Bavarian style. Of course, Feliciano added a bit futuristic in its work, but in general, the car is quite “real”, and perhaps in the near future, the first models will descend from the conveyor.

Elegant concept car BMW i-FD pics

Elegant concept car BMW i-FD picture

Young designer says that the inspiration for styling-FD I came up with the famous Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava structure and forms of ancient Greek armor and lines of white shark.

Elegant concept car BMW i-FD pics

Elegant concept car BMW i-FD image

The goal is to create a unique looking sports sedan with a design that conveys strength and dynamism.
Information about the possible technical equipment of the concept so far glossed over.

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