Electric monocycle of the new generation: it is impossible to fall

February 3, 2015 at 12:15

Traditional four-wheel vehicles, tricycles and bicycles to get around the city today is not relevant, I’m sure the creator of a new generation of electric monocycle. This unusual vehicle of portable size is easy and intuitive to operate. Fall, moving on it, is simply impossible.
A young British engineer Marhold Austin (Austin Marhold) presented an unusual vehicle – Electric Self-balancing unicycle Urban Glider («City Glider”).
Design Urban Glider does not imply any steering, seating and traditional breaking system.
At first glance it may seem that the City Glider is designed for athletes and thrill seekers. But Austin Marhold affirms that ride on it everyone can.
Urban Glider on unicycle can go down the stairs, do any tricks and do not be afraid to fall. This is possible because the balancing monocycle use dynamic stabilization system that performs more than 1,000 samples per second.

Electric monocycle pics

Electric monocycle picture

Minimalist vehicle consists of a wheel, the foot and motor power of 1500 watts. The kit includes an Urban Glider and soft silicone knee In order to move, the driver needs to tilt the housing body in the direction of movement. This will cause the glider to move. Brake happens when deflected in the opposite side of the movement.

Electric monocycle pics

Electric monocycle image

Capacity of Urban Glider is 118 kg. It can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h, on a single charge to drive about 35 kilometers Its main purpose, as well as the concept monocycle Audi A0, – movement in urban environments.
Currently, the creator of Urban Glider raises funds for its production on one of the multiple sites. You can select the one-wheel bike with green, pink, blue or yellow color, pre-order and pay $ 999.

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