Electric concept iTrike 1T

August 9, 2016 at 20:52

Many different concepts were presented at the recently concluded EICMA exhibition in Milan. Among them stands out, in particular, electric concept iTrike 1T.
iTrike – is the result of a few enthusiasts from Luxembourg, together with the Chinese company Doohan. They plan to launch a new line of electric scooters in Europe.

iTrike 1T picture

iTrike 1T pics

The device differs by chopped forms and a little odd design that at first sight produces a rather unattractive appearance – as if put together some pieces of metal. No aesthetics here, in our opinion, and does not smell. Although there are those who like this approach.

iTrike 1T pics

iTrike 1T image

On the seat can comfortably accommodate a pilot and a passenger if necessary. The plastic quality is not very good, but the authors promise to fix it.
The device is a three-wheeled, and in it there is nothing superfluous. Baggy steps, in the center of the battery, and has a good luggage compartment.

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