Dubai Star – New Concept from W Motors

July 23, 2012 at 09:41

Soon, well, actually in the winter of this year, at the beginning of December a new concept car from W Motors will officially conquer the world. The new concept will come from the Middle East, therefore it is another reason for a great evoking interest in the growing public and followers of this event. As there the introduction of super-cars is a great event, then following a new concept car will be a great interesting undertaking. The new star will appear in Dubai, the heart of the wealthy and luxury cars.

W Motors COncept Car 2012 Photo

W Motors Concept Car 2012 Photo

The new concept car from W Motors will be anew hyper car, which will astonish us not just with expensive looks and high styles but also with great speed and performance. The new concept will take the place of both, the super-fast vehicle, and will also get into the list of the most extraordinary and uncommon vehicles ever seen. The concept actually originates also from this part of the world, therefore a new home-debut would be most appropriate. As the new concept from W Motors is also a first super-car from and for the Middle East. The new car received a vivid matt-black painting, sharp shapes and also hi-technology insides, to offer a great riding experience.

W Motors Hyper Sport 2012 Photo

W Motors Hyper Sport 2012 Photo

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