Daihatsu new key car concept D-Base

July 4, 2016 at 23:22

Key car Daihatsu Mira is manufactured in Japan since 2006, almost 10 years and, obviously, the life cycle of this model is coming to an end. In any case, it seems to be that the company is ready to show the public Daihatsu successor subcompact hatchback – concept D-Base.

Daihatsu D-Base picture

Daihatsu D-Base pics

As befits a key-car, D-Base has minimal dimensions: length of the car is only 3.4 meters, width of 1.48 meters and height – 1.49 meters. They say that already in 2016 it will go to series. Not in that way, of course, but very similar.

Daihatsu D-Base pics

Daihatsu D-Base image

The driving force behind Daihatsu D-Base serves 3-cylinder petrol engine is a tiny volume of 0.66 liters. It works in tandem with the CVT and consumes an average of a modest three liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. However, such a result would not have been possible without the light body and the availability of the braking energy recovery system.

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