Concept of electric vehicle NULL

February 15, 2015 at 19:16

Electric Vehicle (so called EV) so far, has been designed as facility to save space and energy. The new Electric Vehicle concept called ‘NULL’ was not only designed to save but also to have high consumer interest to fashionable and affordable way. The smart phone industry inspired to create the concept Null based on the open-source marketing of app store.

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Concept NULL pics

Modern cars are, unfortunately, unable to fast and easy configuration of their body parts: in order to “tune” it will take a lot of money, effort and nerves. But the concept car NULL is equipped with a replaceable unit for a variety of gadgets; you can order a special device from the app store. Now customize the look and the “bells and whistles” of the car will be no more difficult than download the application to your smartphone.
Car designed Jeongche Yoon, equipped with a replaceable unit in the rear, which can be set to one of the functional modules available in the app store: bar, Snowboard Bindings, or bicycle, an extra battery, and many others. Any of these modules are available with just one click.

Concept  NULL picture

Concept NULL pics

Among other things, NULL is eco-friendly, compact and spacious vehicle. On the surface of his body are solar panels, and it is driven by four electric motors built into the wheel.

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