Concept motorcycle Kawasaki SC-02 Soul Charger

August 3, 2016 at 13:05

Kawasaki has introduced a new concept bike, which is the embodiment of the future of motorcycles with superchargers. The concept of Soul Charger is a Naked-roadster, which is equipped with the familiar red and supercharged four-cylinder inline engine.
Kawasaki SC-02 Soul Charger – the second concept, since the first draft of Kawasaki SC-01 Spirit Charger was previously presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015.

Kawasaki SC-02 Soul Charger picture

Kawasaki SC-02 Soul Charger pics

Kenji Tomida, President of Kawasaki’s motorcycle department, said that the supercharger technology has great potential and scalability, as Kawasaki SC concepts can complete less cubature engines compared to 998 cc units H2 / H2R. In the end, it is necessary to understand that the concepts Kawasaki SC – only sketches, but probably thinking of the Japanese manufacturer producing less cubature and models available with a supercharger.

Kawasaki SC-02 Soul Charger pics

Kawasaki SC-02 Soul Charger image

Kenji Tomida confirmed that the company Kawasaki in the next few years plans to introduce 12 new models.

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