Concept car Mario Kart 64 on a jet engine

June 8, 2015 at 11:55

Engineer enthusiast Colin Furze has collected in his garage a vehicle that resembles rather the monster of the future, than an ordinary car. But the author of the project says that he created the car to a jet engine, which is powered by a propane tank.

Mario Kart 64 picture

Mario Kart 64 pics

Maximum speed close to 150 km \ h and a cruising speed of about 100 km \ h. The vehicle has very low and small landing wheels, which provide additional stability. The car does not differ any maneuverability.

Mario Kart 64 pics

Mario Kart 64 image

Management is carried out in the traditional way – by using the steering wheel and automatic transmission. Only two pedals – gas, brake. Acceleration to first hundred km Mario Kart 64 can achieve in just 6 seconds.

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