Colorado Teardrops Summit Camper trailer concept

August 31, 2016 at 00:11

American enthusiasts have created a small, but very roomy and lifting trailer-trailer, especially for trips to the absence of roads. It turned out very high quality, but still stylish.

At first glance, Colorado Teardrops Summit Camper enough “typical” representative of its kind. Fit in the trailer can be up to three people. Inside there are several beds. Two of them are represented as usual shelf-beds. The trailer has all the necessary items and amenities for survival. There is a place to store the gas cylinder, the canister with fresh water; there is a full-time bar for food preparation. But unfortunately there is no shower and toilet.

Colorado Teardrops Summit Camper picture

Colorado Teardrops Summit Camper pics

It is worth noting the trunk of Colorado Teardrops Summit Camper. The rear of the trailer can be opened, and then out of it unfolds a small kitchen. There are provided a cell and shelves for small luggage. Arrange section, as well as to fold then, can one person.

Colorado Teardrops Summit Camper pics

Colorado Teardrops Summit Camper image

Trailer has a perfect load. If necessary, additional storage space can be installed on the roof. After that, the roof can carry luggage for another 1500 kilograms. It is possible to install special hardware for bicycles, boats, canoes and surfboards.

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