BMW R1200GS Adventure Sports Concept

September 19, 2015 at 16:11

Choosing motorcycle would be much more interesting if all design ideas were implemented into real motorcycles. Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi introduced the concept of a motorcycle BMW R1200GS Adventure Sport, which is something in between the base model of the Bavarian tourist enduro and top model Adventure.

BMW R1200GS Adventure Sports picture

BMW R1200GS Adventure Sports pics

The essence of BMW R1200GS Adventure Sport is very simple, as Oberdan Bezzi tried to maximize ease travel enduro, to make it more agile and manageable and suitable for the most demanding conditions.

BMW R1200GS Adventure Sports pics

BMW R1200GS Adventure Sports image

R1200GS it is a heavy bike, even without body kit, so make it easier not so simple. Oberdan Bezzi believes that it is possible to lose weight from 238 to 235 kg. The difference is small, but in this case each kilogram essential. Oberdan Bezzi offers complete BMW R1200GS Adventure Sport classic inverted fork and simplified fairing (minus a few kilograms), although Italian forgot to install the arc, which are vital for this bike.
The main modernization is of course new spoke racing wheels.

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