Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 has been chosen the most beautiful concept car in Italy

September 20, 2015 at 16:22

Coupe Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 was named the most beautiful among the prototypes and concept cars presented at the design competition Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, which took place in Italy from 22 to 24 May. The award was presented by a jury of chief designer Luc Donkervolke British automaker.

Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 picture

Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 pics

Conceptual coupe Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 debuted in March at the Geneva Motor Show. The car gives an idea of a similar production model, which, according to the head of the brand Wolfgang Dyurhaymer, could stand one step in line with the family of Continental GT, finishing with the “other market segment.”
Bentley customers have turned to us with a wish to run a series of similar car, and asked not to change anything in his appearance. But despite the positive feedback, the company plans to make another headlight design that Dyurhaymer calls “a little ridiculous.”

Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 pics

Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 image

The final decision about the appearance of such a model at Bentley will not until the autumn of this year. If the coupe will get a “green light” is on the line, it will be no earlier than 2018.

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