100 percent “green” concept car Aetek FYK

June 25, 2015 at 20:54

Aetek FYK it is a green concept car, which is used as fuel gas-hydrogen mixture. Aetek is created Norwegian Company with participation and sponsorship Statoil. According to the developers, they wanted to create a 100 percent environmentally friendly vehicle.

Aetek FYK picture

Aetek FYK pics

Statoil’s oil and gas specialists worked on the creation of a special fuel for the concept car.

Aetek FYK pics

Aetek FYK image

The result of surveying was NaturalHy (HCNG) – a product consisting of 8-20% hydrogen and 92-80% of the compressed natural gas. The company believes that NaturalHy, which was a significant step towards a hydrogen-powered car, can be used on an industrial scale.

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