Vygor Opera: a SUV of New Class

December 11, 2012 at 09:44

Prototype racing SUV Opera was first shown to the audience a very green and we may even say raw modification last fall. The audience appeared to not be ready for a high-class SUV like this, therefore the company waited another year and prepared new opening as well as some remodifications for the model. In such a way Italy’s safe to say that it created a new class of cars in this segment – Racing Utility Vehicle. Now the manufacturer is preparing a production version of the model.

Vygor Opera

Vygor Opera Concept Model Photo

Opera will debut one more time in the spring of 2013. The new car will not be available for everybody. Only 150 copies of this crossover will be available. This model will have under the hood a 2-liter turbocharged unit from Mitsubishi Lancer. Engine will issue immodest 300, 350 and 420 hp, though it appears to be quite enough for such a vehicle and for modern roads. In the most powerful performance of up to 100 km / h off-road car will accelerate in 4.9 seconds. As transmission provides five-speed manual and 6-band sequential gearbox, the driving will be very engaging.

Vygor Opera

Vygor Opera Concept Model Pic

Weight of a standard Opera will reach 1.5 tons. The car will receive a tubular steel frame and body panels made of aluminum and carbon fiber. It will come with an electronically controlled all-wheel drive with differential Torsen.

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