Unusual concept of Mercedesroadster

December 24, 2014 at 15:26

Mercedes Benz Silberpfiel, more known to the public as the «Silver Arrow”, a sports car with a smooth, aerodynamic frame and lovely forms, has long led to racing 30s. And now it looks like he’ll be back in a new incarnation (at least conceptually) after 80 years of interruption.
Combining the style of the legendary Silver Arrow of 30s of the last century and modern technology, the designer Ali Khanzadi created unusual roadster concept, in which the emphasis is placed on handling and driving pleasure. Vehicle has two electric motors on the front and rear axles. The special design of the chassis allows the car to take turns at high speed. First, all four wheels are rotated roadster arc during passage and, secondly, its body tilted in the direction of rotation.

Silver Arrow Mercedes Concept 2015 pics

Silver Arrow Mercedes Concept 2015 image

Moreover, the cavity inside the wheel is filled with fluid, which increases the stability and prevents slippage. Instead of the usual shock absorbers, carbon fiber Roadster has “wings” filled with Ferro fluid. Using a magnetic field adjusts the stiffness of the vehicle in each spring individually.

Silver Arrow Mercedes Concept 2015 pics

Silver Arrow Mercedes Concept 2015 picture

Coming to the stable part of the light weight of the car will be achieved through recycled plastic and carbon fiber, while the members of the body are made of sturdy aluminum with components of the same carbon fiber. So, if the concept is successfully implemented, we will be able to see the car, which combines modern technology and maximum stability.

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