Universal electric Twinway for family and for friends

February 11, 2015 at 16:32

The car has long been a loyal friend of man, but some concepts can bring even more comfort and drive into our lives. Universal Car Twinway can quickly and safely carry the company of friends or relatives, as well as give an unforgettable driving experience.
The concept was developed by Marko Lukovic, a personal transportation with a personal electronic driver. Passengers will be able to comfortably accommodate opposite each other in the cabin and spend time doing their own thing, as long as the electronic systems to drive. LiDAR system, coupled with dynamic suspension will help to overcome the off-road car, and numerous sensors will monitor the weather, road and environment.

Twinway by Marko Lukovic pics

Twinway by Marko Lukovic picture

Lovers personally sit behind the wheel Twinway also will like: center console turns into the dashboard. In this case, all the safety systems will only warn the driver about noise and provide the proper level of comfort and safety. In addition, the car is able to move equally fast in both directions, which is much easier parking and maneuvering.

Twinway by Marko Lukovic pics

Twinway by Marko Lukovic image

Twinway equipped with four electric motors and has a spacious luggage compartment. Passengers will be able to adjust the dimming cabin windows and lighting levels.

The concept was awarded 9th place at the exhibition Michelin Challenge Design 2014.