Toyota introduced KIKAI with a hatch at the bottom

July 21, 2016 at 00:02

Toyota believes that the creation of human objects, commitment to an idea and knowledge of cars should be the object of admiration. KIKAI concept was developed to research and draw attention to the fundamental appeal of cars: precision manufacturing, beauty, simplicity and mesmerizing ability to move.
One of the features of the concept becomes principle demonstration of beauty of nodes that are usually hidden inside the body. The idea is to make the car interior of the exterior elements. Internal components and parts such as the fuel tank, various tanks and exhaust pipes, meters and switches are well-designed to complement the shape of the body, offering a fascinating man to enter into dialogue with the vehicle.

Toyota KIKAI picture

Toyota KIKAI pics

A small hatch in the driver’s feet was another element of the design concept of the body. Through the door, the driver can observe the rotation of the wheels, suspension work, and the increasing speed of movement of the roadway. Through the windshield it is also possible to observe the movement of elements of the upper part of the suspension.

Toyota KIKAI pics

Toyota KIKAI image

While in most vehicles design elements are hidden under the smooth sheet metal design KIKAI concept encourages us to appreciate the intricate beauty of the mechanical parts of vehicles.

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