Toyota has shown Flesby – a car made of airbags

July 16, 2016 at 23:29

The company Toyoda Gosei is division of concern Toyota, which produces automotive components, will present at the Tokyo Motor Show concept car Flesby. The main feature of this device is the fact that his body is embedded a plurality of external airbags, drop in a collision with a pedestrian.

Toyota Flesby picture

Toyota Flesby pics

How exactly will trigger the airbags, the company is not yet clarified. There was only a drawing of another concept, which shows the location of the protective elements. Furthermore, it is known that when Flesby approaching a pedestrians it is capable of issuing sound and giving a signal with LED-elements.

Toyota Flesby pics

Toyota Flesby image

Also Toyoda Gosei will show a prototype of the cockpit, which can be installed in a car like Fesby. The cabin is able to adapt to the mood of the driver, automatically changing the lighting design and music.
When the technology shown in Flesby may appear in the car industry it is not specified. The company explained that the concept reflects the opinion of engineers out what cars will be in 2030.

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