Three-Wheeler NEOS: new face of an old motorcycle with a sidecar

February 13, 2015 at 19:06

In the last century in the Soviet Union motorcycles with sidecars were popular among the residents of the former Soviet Union of all ages, but they were neither environmentally friendly as in fashion now, nor security, or high specification. But the three-Wheeler with sidecar NEOS features the necessary technology to ensure a comfortable ride “with the wind” for both the driver and passenger, while remaining “other” nature.
Three-Wheeler developed by Daniel Munnink, equipped with a removable stroller and ideal for trips in city traffic and vehicles traveling on the road, thanks to good governance, strong suspension and stabilization system. Front left wheel keeps NEOS in equilibrium with a sidecar attached. Sensors located on the body, scan the surrounding area, alerting the driver of potential hazards.

Three-Wheeler NEOS picture

Three-Wheeler NEOS pics

The driver’s cab is equipped with a set of necessary devices: head-up display, GPS-navigator, a mirror and a rear-view camera and a trip computer. Three-Wheeler also has a system of ABS, ESC, traction control and a set of airbags. Electric car is controlled by a joystick.

Three-Wheeler NEOS image

Three-Wheeler NEOS pics

NEOS is powered by a three-phase induction electric motor and a lithium battery. The case of the body of three-Wheeler is made of polycarbonate.

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