Taxi Peregrinat: futuristic car for guests Fontana Park Hotel

May 13, 2015 at 14:37

Hotel Fontana Park, located in Lisbon, attracts visitors not only by good service. The group of designers, which developed design of the hotel, has created a unique concept car for guests Peregrinate. Combining performance and environmental friendliness, the machine probably will like VIPs are concerned about their security and privacy.

Taxi Peregrinate pics

Taxi Peregrinate image

The car, designed by Gabriel Tam, equipped with a polycarbonate body and a system of gradient shading windows.

Taxi Peregrinate picture

Taxi Peregrinate pics

Thanks to the extended wheelbase and the luggage compartment cover in place of the front passenger seat, Peregrinate has a spacious passenger cabin with numerous amenities: OLED-display, comfortable Technogel-chair, an exclusive interior and a lot more.

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