Supercar Concept Jaguar XK-I

January 5, 2015 at 23:42

Most often, “Jaguars” associate it with known motorists racing cars D and E-series. Designer Mudit Gupta created a concept Jaguar XK-I – of a successor to the legendary racing series – retaining the best elements of the classic aggressive design.

According to the designer, XK-I – this is exactly what a man with his eyes closed imagine, when he hear the phrase “supercar Jaguar in the future.” He interviewed many people and as a result created a common image of a classic British sports car, put it into his concept.
Single supercar designed mostly for race tracks. Although the information on its technical equipment is not, Aerodynamic body shape looks promising. Perhaps in the near future, XK-I will be able to repeat the success of D-Type, which won numerous awards in the second half of the race the 50s.

Supercar Concept Jaguar XK-I pics

Supercar Concept Jaguar XK-I picture

The flowing lines of the new “Jaguar” design reminiscent of the legendary E-type 60-ies of the last century. Recall about another concept Jaguar, designers that inspire old models of the brand.

Supercar Concept Jaguar XK-I picture

Supercar Concept Jaguar XK-I image

The once-popular sports car Jaguar E-type was able to find a second life with the advent of the concept Jaguar HKH which borrowed elements of classic design and gained a lot of futuristic innovations.

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