New concept of stylish hovercraft with silent screws

December 18, 2014 at 17:48

The concept of the British hovercraft though has not yet been released to general production, but was “pulled” for technology, providing the basis for more unique and high-tech vehicles.
The British company ABS Hovercraft is known in the world market with its hovercraft. Boat DONAR Hovercraft is one of its concepts, which was created with the participation of the German team of engineers. This vehicle has become the epitome of experiments with different technologies and innovations that can be implemented and the design of other models. But also the prototype patented by for serial production.

DONAR Hovercraft Prototype image

DONAR Hovercraft Prototype pics

The main feature of the hovercraft DONAR Hovercraft is the use of composite materials and streamlined enclosed cab. Maybe it looks a bit old fashioned, but this is compensated by the doors a la “gull-wing”, a stylish interior for six passengers, air condition, a GPS system and a comfortable driver’s seat, not inferior to those that are installed in the best sports cars.

DONAR Hovercraft Prototype  pics

DONAR Hovercraft Prototype picture

To activate the air cushion in DONAR provided 12-cylinder BMW M70 engine capacity of 300 horsepower. A variation of this engine was used in the well-known model BMW – in the seventh series, 850CSi. A modified version of the engine used in the McLaren F1. One of the innovations in the drive system of an air cushion became virtually noiseless screws made of carbon fiber. Maximum speed boats – 120.7 km / h

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