Mercedes F125! Concept Model

December 25, 2012 at 09:25

As we always try to provide you with the most striking and interesting concept cars that have been presented recently, we for sure couldn’t walk across this beauty without giving it a portion of the needed attention. This can give you the most truthful and style-oriented idea of what the cars will look like in the near future. Today we present to you the new and great Mercedes F 125!

Mercedes F 125!

Mercedes F 125! Concept Photo

The car with such a creative name is a new five-meter sedan, or maybe even a coupe … Mercedes during the Frankfurt Auto Show decided to show to the audience its new creation in the form of a huge, five-meter long, and quite spacious and by barely seen smile a quite harmless “creature”. Swing doors of the “gull wing” make this Mercedes seem familiar, but these one are truly unique and cannot be found with any other model of the automaker – they are very broad, open the access to all the whole cabin. Body shape of the concept, as several observers have noticed, is not typical of the Stuttgart brand: it was narrowed headlights, almost one-volume body and angled sides – all these are more of the styles that
would approach the Japanese manufacturer.

Mercedes F 125!

Mercedes F 125! Concept Pic

The power unit is no less surprising. Under the hood of each wheel there is an electric motor, which produces energy for hydrogen plant fuel elements. In addition the complex system is equipped with the lithium battery like a sulfuric small tank. A full-capacity machine is capable of delivering an impressive 313 hp and cover the distance of 1000 km. Electronic systems at F125! did reach a new level: you can manage the settings and information resources with your voice and gestures, and Driving Assist system can resort to emergency braking and even helps
restructure of lanes.

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