Mercedes-Benz will build Vision Tokyo unmanned minivan

July 15, 2016 at 23:24

Company Mercedes-Benz has published a teaser concept minivan; the world premiere will take place at the Motor Show in Tokyo. So far about this car manufacturer says only that it will get a stand-alone control system, and will be “magnificent and progressive”.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo picture

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo pics

The features of design trends, named Vision Tokyo, began to narrow headlights and windshield, as well as the only major side door, which is likely to be opened up.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo pics

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo image

By its style is similar to the prototype of a new concept car F 015 Luxury in Motion, presented in January at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This car was equipped with a power-plant on fuel cells: in motion concept lead two electric motors with a total capacity of 270 forces and energy for them is generated in the course of a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. Power reserve of such a car is 1100 kilometers.

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