Mercedes-Benz showed unmanned Future Bus CityPilot

September 3, 2016 at 20:16

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its vision of how might look like public transportation in the future. The concept of the bus of the future with autonomous control system was announced Mercedes as “a milestone on the way to an autonomous city bus.”

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus CityPilot picture

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus CityPilot pics

Future Bus is based on the 12-meter bus Mercedes-Benz Citaro and is equipped with 6-cylinder turbodiesel OM 936 power 299 hp (220 kW). CityPilot is a technology platform that is installed on the vehicle and enables automated driving.

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus CityPilot  pics

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus CityPilot picture

The design of the interior of the bus with an open-plan, said to have been inspired by the city’s squares and parks: the bus has three different zones, which are intended for passengers. Their layout is based on how long passengers will be in the bus. Future Bus also boasts handrails, like branches and lamps, which, according to the company, like the crown of the tree.
While it may be all very nice, on the basis of photos and videos can be judged that a bus obviously will not hold many passengers, as the company has chosen the way of maximizing the space for each person.

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