Infiniti has introduced a new concept of a supercar

January 1, 2015 at 22:37

However, they say about a virtual version at the moment.
Infiniti has released a new virtual sports car. Automakers cannot sleep well because of the huge popularity of racing simulators. To advertise themselves in the virtual space, where practically live thousands of “gamers”, is the dream of many people, and the most determined do not stop even before the creation of unique cars, existing only in games. To the long list of companies that have already developed «clean» virtual models of cars, decided to join the Japanese Infiniti. And, with a caveat – it created the car Concept Vision GT is not just fantasizing “from scratch.” It is possible that it will look Infiniti cars in just 5-7 years.
The project is a virtual sports car was chosen from several options developed by different design teams. The winners are designers from Beijing to offer optimal combination of key components and the best aerodynamic performance.

Concept Vision GT pics

Concept Vision GT picture

However, while they say nothing about the incarnation of Concept Vision GT in the concept, not to mention something about the weight, handy to repurchase cars with the customer’s premises.

Concept Vision GT pics

Concept Vision GT image

Virtual Concept Vision GT has the following structure: the engine is at the front (within the database), the gearbox near the rear axle, rear-wheel drive, weight distribution 45:55, clutch is improved by using a diffuser and active aerodynamic elements located under the bottom. Evaluate the new Infiniti can be in the game GranTurismo 6.

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