Hypercar Shayton Equilibrium: the car for hedonists

May 29, 2015 at 15:00

The concept of the world’s first hypercar is neither environmentally friendly nor compact, no capacity. Shayton Eqilibrium, according to the designers, created for those who live for the sake of pleasure and is the “epitome of fun on four wheels.”

Shayton Equilibrium picture

Shayton Equilibrium pics

Shayton (which means “falcon”), designed by a group of designers PROVOCO, it is positioned as one of the world’s first concept hypercar. Car designers claim that it combines “brutality of the storm, elegance falcon and unique gem”.

Shayton Equilibrium pics

Shayton Equilibrium image

Equilibrium chassis and wheels are made of titanium carbide, suspension – wrought aluminum alloy, and is controlled using the car electronics Bosch.

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