Honda Presented a Concept Car for Hipsters

January 22, 2013 at 09:50

Honda is trying to widen its models line as much as possible, therefore it is often trying itself in different options and possibilities, creating something new and different from what it has been offering before. At the motor show in Montreal Honda company unveiled a concept car called Gear. With this model the company demonstrates how the future of the brand might look like, especially for the subcompact model intended for younger audiences.

Honda Gear

Honda Gear Concept Car Photo

According to the developers of the prototype, Honda Gear designers drew inspiration from the fixed gear bikes that are “simple, utilitarian, full of personality and full of opportunities for improvements to your own taste.” In the opinion of the developers (a concept created by the research center of Honda America), a compact car is utilitarian, and therefore shall not be boring, it is rather emotional, but a little inconvenient for daily use, and too expensive for young people.

Honda Gear

Honda Gear Concept Car Pic

Gear prototype is offered in a wagon body type, combining all that young, discerning buyers want from a car. But what exactly is meant by the word “all” – not specified. The concept has a hidden door handles, rear diffuser and four pipe exhaust system, located in the center of the bumper.

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