Green car Loop Vignette with lights made of the fluorescent film

June 19, 2015 at 18:41

Looking at this 100 percent “green” concept, you know: here it is – the car of the future. Its main Nature is capsule streamlined body shape and weight of innovative solutions. In particular, the lights in the car to replace a special film, which will be covered with body cars.

Loop Vignette picture

Loop Vignette pics

Loop Vignette is a 2-seat concept electric vehicle that combines the latest technological innovations, the Internet and the possibility of the original design.

Loop Vignette pics

Loop Vignette image

The exterior of the car can be called really exclusive: whole car body resembles a futuristic capsule. On it there is no traditional lamps and other lighting fixtures. The creators of the machine, the technical parameters of which are not yet known, decided to cover the body of the LED -film OLEDs that will allow each owner to create car optics – headlights, running lights, turn signals and brake lights – to your liking.