Futuristic Mercedes concept car by Oliver Elst

February 28, 2015 at 14:38

Some designers prefer to allocate their offspring by not specifications, but by causing appearance. Unusual body of the concept Mercedes literally radiates light. The car is made of lightweight materials and features a powerful environmentally friendly engine.

Mercedes Oliver Elst concept car picture

Mercedes Oliver Elst concept car pics

Body concept, developed by Oliver Elst, consists of three “layers”. Two of them are the outer casing and protect the driver in collisions of varying strength. The third layer creates a special ecosystem inside the cabin, allowing controlling the temperature, lighting and other conditions. The car has a high ground clearance and a rather unusual for Mercedes body style.

Mercedes Oliver Elst concept car pics

Mercedes Oliver Elst concept car image

As for the technical equipment, the concept does not too stand out among other projects supercars: it is equipped with two electric motors located in the axes, as well as the battery located in the floor of the car.

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